About NeON

The New York City Neighborhood Opportunity Network (NeON) NeONs are community-based DOP offices specifically intended to support medium- and high-risk people on probation based on the principles of community justice and justice reinvestment by bringing Probation Officerss and resources into the targeted communities in order to improve and facilitate access to services for those on probation, with the aim of improving outcomes generally and reducing criminal justice system involvement in particular. Each NeON works in partnership with other City agencies, schools, businesses, local residents, non-profits, and community- and faith-based organizations in the seven neighborhoods of New York City that have historically faced great socioeconomic challenges and where large concentrations of people on probation reside. At NeONs, those on probation can meet with their probation officers and receive a wide range of services such as High School Equivalency (HSE) classes, employment preparation, mentoring, healthcare, literacy programs, and also participate in arts and sports activities. Many of these programs and resources are also available to other community residents, at no cost. Each NeON also has a stakeholder group comprised of individuals from local businesses, community and faith-based organizations, residents, probation staff and community leaders which plays an integral decision-making role with regard to community-facing programs and services.